Scandinavian Inspired Décor: 5 Ways To A Simple And Stylish Holiday Look

Scandinavian style is pretty easy to recognize – from white walls, natural light, wood floors and modern furniture, it always has a classic minimalist feel to it. As a proud Dane (and Ikea shopper) I incorporated some Scandinavian inspired decor into my own home, so here are the 5 easy and creative ideas I used to get a simple holiday look.


01. Neutral colors

The Scandinavian style of using natural colors is key in getting that simple but attractive Nordic look. The calm tones of white, cream, tan, black, grey and light blue make for a classy look. Here are some easy ways that I have incorporated these colors into my Christmas adorning: simple white and cream tree globes, a mini tree in a simple vase, minimalist wall décor and wood garland.

IMG_9556IMG_9547 (5)


02. Incorporating natural materials

Scandinavians love to use natural items found outside to appreciate inside the home. Things like natural wood ornaments, using cinnamon as a nice coffee table addition- it looks nice and smells amazing! And making festive garland with dried fruits, flowers and foliage. I tried drying orange slices and putting them on the tree. It was easy and switches things up from the usual ornaments!




03. Candles

Candles are a must when it comes to incorporating Scandinavian style into your space. They call this sort of thing ‘Hygge.’ Hygge is an important ingredient in choosing how to decorate, spend your time and even incorporate into your lifestyle. Hygge is the idea of feeling cozy, content, enjoying the simple things in life and spending time with the ones you love. Imagine an evening sitting by the fireplace with a cozy blanket around you, drinking tea or reading a book, surrounded by your friends and family and watching the snow fall from the window. That is the perfect definition of what an evening filled with Hygge would be like. Of course, you can’t always have a picture perfect night, so the best way to achieve this in a much simpler day-to-day way is to light candles. Picking a few candles with your favorite holiday scents like pine, cinnamon or peppermint (my favorite is Baltic Amber from Anthropologie), and dimming the lights to enjoy the evening.


04. Adding foliage

By now you probably get the idea that Scandinavian style is all about natural and simplistic. Which is why it makes sense that having foliage placed around the house is a must! If you know me then you would concur that I have no problem in this department #planthoarder. Putting simple mini trees in vases, hanging plants around your home and lastly wreaths wreaths wreaths! Wreaths don’t have to only be placed on your front door; you can put them all over your house! I made some to hang from the top of our windows and one for our wall. Nordic wreaths are simple and minimalist, but if you like bright and bold then do whatever makes you feel most Hygge-like!




 05. Knit blankets and warm socks

Last but not least – staying warm and cozy. Knitting a chunky blanket can be fun and rewarding, (or if ain’t nobody got time for that) then finding the nearest blanket, curling up by the Christmas tree with some holiday music will make the holidays feel well spent.


And there you have it! 5 easy ways to put some Scandinavian style into your space. Happy Hygging!


Alayna Crane