Simple Ideas To #LightTheWorld This December


Each year during the month of December, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints inspires a worldwide movement called Light The World. For 4 weeks they encourage anyone and everyone to get involved and help those in need globally, in the community and in your family, with the purpose of showing love for others, as Christ did.

Throughout the month The Church gives new ideas on how you can make a difference through service. Below I included each week’s focus and some suggestions on where to start. Happy helping!

Week 1: Light The World 

Focus on ways you can serve those in need globally.

1. Help people around the world through charitable donations. and Refugee Rescue are great places to start!

2. Learn about some of the problems in another country. How can you help? Read here for summarized information on the refugee crisis- Global Refugee Crisis

3. Listen to a refugee’s story (refugee interview post coming soon!) and learn of ways you can help your local refugees. Click here for an easy way to provide a Christmas gift to local refugees in Utah – Amazon Refugee Gift Registry

4. Sacrifice the cost of your favorite meal and feed the hungry. Donate food to a local shelter or offer a meal to someone in need on the street.

5. Purchase from a Giving Machine. It’s like a vending machine, but cooler. You can buy anything from a meal, diapers and hygiene kits to a chicken, school supplies and blankets for refugees local and abroad.

Giving machine locations:

  • Joseph Smith Memorial Building – Salt Lake City, UT
  • Water Tower Plaza – Gilbert, Arizona
  • Manhattan New York Temple – New York City, NY
  • SM Megamall Building A – Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Hyde Park Chapel – South Kensington, London

Week 2: Light Your Community

Find ways you can reach out and serve your community.

1. Donate a toy to a local children’s hospital.

2. Eat lunch with someone new at school or work.

3. Help clear off an elderly neighbor’s driveway.

4. Visit to find hundreds of local volunteer opportunities just by typing in your zip code!

Week 3: Light Your Family

Show love to those closest to you.

1. Visit with your parents, Face Time or in person.

2. Have a family prayer.

3. Is there a family member you haven’t talked to lately? Call them.

4. Let a family member know how they have positively influenced you.

Week 4: Light Your Faith

Use this final week to increase your own faith in Jesus Christ.

1. Attend (or invite someone to) a special Christmas worship service.

2. Make a goal to offer a kneeling prayer every morning for the week.

3. Read the account of the Savior’s birth (Luke 2:1-16).

4. Share an experience on social media of you participating in Light The World.

December is a great time to help those in need. Hopefully those suggestions can spark some service inspiration! #LightTheWorld


Alayna Crane


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