A Creative (And Modern) Way To Honor Family History And Why It Matters


I’ve always been pretty proud of my Danish heritage and the fun traditions that come with it. It’s usually during the holiday season that we pull out the ol’ Danish family heritage rituals and act like we are experts in Hygge and Scandinavian traditionology.

**Hygee is a commonly used Danish word that means 1. Coziness and a deeply satisfying feeling of well-being  2. Enjoying life’s simple pleasures  3. Feeling open hearted and alive  4. A sense of belonging**

We like to participate in an assortment of Nordic festivities, like the delicious family favorite Æbleskivers (cool little pancake balls) which takes some serious skill with toothpicks and turning the batter to make a perfect sphere. Crazy good recipe *here*

Marzipan is another favorite almond dessert we like to keep alive, however in this case we don’t traditionally make it, we just practice the art of eating it until we feel sick.

Along with these baking traditions we also have fun with making braided hearts, hiding elves, celebrating Saint Lucia, mustard eggs and gagging down some pickled herring (not my fave but my dad insists on it every year because we’re not a family of tradition quitters).

These beloved Scandinavian traditions that have been continually passed down from generation to generation makes the holidays that much more memorable and gives us a feeling of connection to our roots.

Even though I have never been to Denmark, (bucket list item #17) I still feel a great love and excitement for my heritage. Because of my ancestors honoring their culture, we are able to continue that love and honor where we came from.

This world is so big and diverse. Millions of people come from different backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities, beliefs and traditions. But there is one thing that we all have in common and that is family.

The more we learn about our past, the more we can embrace who we are. Your family story is the story that has shaped you from who your ancestors are and where they originated from. It’s like that beautiful bond that connects generation after generation to their past roots and stories.

Just like mine, we all have a story.

Of course, I would not have known about my cherished Danish culture and traditions if it weren’t for family history.

A family tree doesn’t just display the names of your ancestors, it displays a lifetime of stories, love, culture, passion and life.

“Through family history we discover the most beautiful tree in the forest of creation—our family tree. Its numerous roots reach back through history, and its branches extend throughout eternity. Family history is the expansive expression of eternal love. It is born of selflessness. It provides opportunity to secure the family unit forever.” –J. Richard Clark

And that is where Family Tree Prints comes in.

I have collaborated with this wonderful and meaningful company that allows your family history to come to life. They make beautiful (and modern) custom family tree prints that you can proudly display anywhere in your home.

You can choose from a plethora of chart varieties from black and white, bright and bold, simple and subtle and even themed charts that are made into pictures! It’s as simple as finding the chart that fits you, downloading your family history from sites like Family Search, importing the work onto the chart and VOILA! a lifetime of history done in one click. What if you only have handwritten work you say? Worry no more, you can easily type directly onto the chart and make any changes you want. Their system is so simple and user friendly!



Their charts have such a stylish and modern look to them that it’s like hanging artwork on your wall. I am getting my own Danish family history chart and I can’t wait to display Great Grandma and Grandpa Poulsen loud and proud.

‘Tis the Christmas season, a time to hold our loved ones near and dear. It is the perfect time to honor your heritage and where you came from.

‘Tis also the season to spend money on said loved ones and what better way than to do that and honor your family at the same time by gifting them their very own Family Tree Print! (mind blown) BONUS: If you use code SINCERELYXOXO they will give you 15% off your order from now until Christmas!

Check out their website at www.familytreeprints.com/ or their Instagram at Family Tree Prints to see exactly what I am talking about.


Family Tree Prints got it right when they said-

“When made beautifully, family trees are both stunning wall art, a meaningful reminder of our heritage and a subtle force for strengthening family bonds…We believe in the power of displaying family history as art. We believe what you put on your walls says something about your priorities, and what you want others to know about you as well as what you like to be reminded of yourself. What does your wall say about you?”

So, what’s on your wall?


Alayna Crane


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  1. This is something I will definitely check out! Thanks for doing all the footwork for me:) And I first ate Æbleskivers at Clint’s house when I was dating him…Maybe he shares some Danish ancestors also!


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