6 Best Houseplants To Keep Your Home Green This Winter

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Winter is an exciting and beautiful season. The fun holiday traditions, food and festivities are some of my favorite times of the year. But as a plant lover, it can look a little gloomy outside.

Everything has either died or gone dormant and you have to wait a few long months before you can tend to your favorite plant babies and flowers again.

But if you are like me and don’t want to wait for the snow and frost to melt before enjoying some green, here’s a list of the best (and easy) indoor plants to de-stress and liven up your home during the winter season.

  1. English Ivy– If you like long vines that can drape over a shelf or climb up a wall, then this is a great plant for you. Bonus: It is also listed by NASA as the number one air purifying houseplant! English Ivy is very easy to grow and prefers medium sunlight with occasional watering. This plant also looks great in a hanging basket or macramé!


  2. Snake plant– This choice is for all you amateur plant parents out there. The snake plant is nearly impossible to kill because they need very little water and light to survive, which means you can place them anywhere! Snake plants also clean and filter indoor air, so that’s pretty neat. They’re an easy and unique choice for any corner of your home.


3. Areca Palm– The Areca is an easy-to-grow plant that gives off an exotic, tropical vibe. The Areca palm prefers bright, indirect light, well-draining soil that dries out between waterings and a little misting every day. This plant can grow up to 6-8 feet so you can pretty much feel like you brought Hawaii to you with this beachy plant.


4. Golden Pothos– The long vine and heart leaves of the Golden Pothos makes it one of the most popular houseplants because of its attractiveness and easy growing qualities. This houseplant does best in low-light conditions and prefers drying out between waterings. Because of its low-light tolerance it makes a great plant if you don’t have a lot of natural sunlight, but still want to enjoy the happiness of being a plant parent.


5. Aloe Vera– Because the Aloe Vera plant is in the succulent family, they prefer bright indirect light and can go awhile between waterings. Aloe Vera benefits your indoor air by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, and its sap can even be used to heal cuts and wounds! So pretty much this plant brings delight and first-aid all in one. That’s why Aloe it Vera much.


6. Spider plant- Don’t like spiders? (good cause they’re gross) no need to worry because this spider only brings cheer and joy. Just like the snake plant, this unique houseplant can also thrive even when neglected! They only need to be watered occasionally and are happiest in bright to moderate light (avoiding direct sun).


Well there you have it, the starting line up of the best plants to ward off the winter blues. Whether you are looking to adopt a potted plant baby to keep you company, or if you’re like me and adopt a whole slew of plants and vegetation because you are a plant hoarder, you can never go wrong with a little green in your life. #crazyplantlady #adoptaplant


Alayna Crane


(Plant house decor pictures were taken from Pinterest and are not mine).